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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Terms & Conditions for Massive Stock Clearance

1) First come first serve basis in terms of payment (If the status is shown as reserved,meaning payment has not been made and thus if you're interested,do place ur order for the next in line)
2) Strictly NO COD available
3) No further reduction or negotiation of prices (its already very cheap yah =))
4) Strictly no BACKOUT after confirmation of order
5) Valid from NOW until 31 October 2009 only

Lastly, what are you waiting for and enjoy ur shopping~!! ^_^

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

B08701 - Rectangle Me

Colours: White(SOLD), Brown(SOLD), Black(SOLD)
Material: PU

Height 25cm, Length 42 cm, Width 12cm
Hand Carry - YES
Shoulder Carry -YES
Sling - NO
Inner Pockets - 3

RM19 only~!!

V08901 - Vees

Size: Free
Colours: Beige (SOLD), Purple(SOLD), Blue and Pink
Material: Cotton

RM19 only~!!

D09105 - Motif Flare

Dress comes with separable expandable belt
Size: Free
Colour: Brown(SOLD)
Material: Cotton
RM19 only~!!

P08101 - Ali Baba

Front....and back....

Up close of the button

Cringe at the bottom

Rubber at the back for flexibility

Size: Free
Colour: Navy Green(1 SOLD, 1-left), Brown(1 SOLD, 1 Left)
Material: Polyester
RM19 only~!!

T08102 - Heart u @ 24

Front.....and the back...

Size: Free Colour: Yellow (SOLD), Blue (SOLD),Pink, Grey (SOLD)
Material: Cotton RM19 only~!!

T08101 - Jail knot

The outer piece...........and the inner piece

Size: Free
Colour: White (1 SOLD, 1 Left), Blue (2 SOLD)
Material: Cotton, Spandex
RM19 only~!!

D08901 - Buttony flower

Size: Free
Colour: Yellow (SOLD), Black (SOLD)
Material: Satin
RM19 only~!!

T08802 - Vintagy heels

it's available in 3 colours, White, Yellow and Grey, gotta grab one today!
Free size
Colours: White (SOLD), Yellow (SOLD), Grey
Material: Cotton
RM19 only~!!

T08801 - 70's

it comes in white-pink and also blue-white....

black-pink and also yellow-white....

Free Size
Colours:Blue-white, Yellow-white only
Material: Cotton
RM19 only~!!

C08801 - Cardi Cardi

it comes in green....white...

grey...and black...

Free size
(including inner spag)

Colours: White, Grey (SOLD), Green(SOLD) , Black(SOLD)
Material: Cotton

RM19 only~!!

D08707 - Classy

Free size
Colours: Orange (SOLD), Blue (SOLD),Green (SOLD)
Material: Cotton
RM19 only~!!

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